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Bratislava Hub

The Bratislava Hub is made up of ambitious, diligent and bright young people who believe that leadership is a demonstration of integrity and dignity through one’s ideas, thoughts and actions that encourage others to follow in their footsteps. They are committed to leading by example and to identifying gaps in their community. The Bratislava Shapers use their abilities to fill these gaps and strive to address existing issues around them through innovative projects and initiatives focused on three key topic areas: (1) sustainability and the environment; (2) entrepreneurship and innovation; (3) education.

21 members


Petronela Halamová

Joined 10 Feb 2021


Marian Polasek

Joined 22 Apr 2020

Barbora Bajtosova

Joined 1 Feb 2018

Lucia Cerchlanova

Joined 2 Jan 2020

Milos Cerovsky

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Martina Drahosova

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Mária Dudová

Joined 27 Aug 2015

Dusan Duffek

Joined 11 Aug 2016

Michal Havris

Joined 4 Jun 2019

Carolina Herrera

Joined 13 Sep 2018

Phillip-Sebastian Marchl

Joined 1 Nov 2017

Michal Margolien

Joined 12 Jun 2014

Maria-Zoe Papaioannou

Joined 19 Nov 2019

Hélène Pfeil

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Dominik Porvažník

Joined 27 Jan 2020

Lubica Ragulova

Joined 27 Aug 2015

David Stancel

Joined 8 Jun 2019

Hang Thi Dao

Joined 16 Jun 2021

Andrea Tittelova

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Andrea Zrubcova

Joined 9 Jun 2017

Georgios Angelopoulos

Joined 6 Nov 2020

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