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Dresden Hub

Dresden hub constitutes a reflection of its city, Dresden. We are a Hub that through their activities we support and promote reconciliation, dialog, collaboration as well as forward thinking and innovation. The sense of fairness and democracy rules in our Hub setting the foundation for a multicultural background that leads to a beautiful “family” environment. All of us are highly motivated to work hard to offer and give back to the community being thankful and respectful for everything we find ready and established. Dresden Hub feels that improving the state of our local society is our responsibility, promoting multiculturalism and progress in the area of Dresden.

18 members

Suryanarayana Maddu

Founding Curator

Andreas Stricker

Paul Knöpfle

Franziskus Linsmann

Hiba Omari

Christos Papadimitriou

Enrico Rizzi

Kai Schubert

Elizabeth Taylor

Vincent Waller

Andreas Walther

Hergen Wolf

Tina Beyer

Florian Biniosek

Leopold Gruner

Toni Kiel

Maximilian Rathnow

Johannes Schuricht

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