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Medellin Hub

The Medellin Hub is a dynamic community of 42 fellow Shapers that is constantly collaborating, sharing resources and expanding our collective intelligence. We can say our Hub is truly representative of our city because of its diversity: Shapers from every socio-economical background, field, race, religion converge to make our Hub integral. Medellin is a city that needs articulation and engagement among the different communities and sectors, therefore our aim is to foster citizenship, understanding a citizen as someone who actively shapes her/his city through her/his passions in collective efforts: collaborating and co-creating.

We have five on-going projects born at the hub: Construyendo de la Mano (Building hand-by-hand), mentoring project to young girls at the last two years of school; Yo Participo (I Participate), promoting informed voting and youth participation; CTI, promoting sciencie and technology as part of the government plans; Tours alongside Medellin and its story and Finally, a project to promote volunteers.

Our commitment to the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems is always present and goes from hosting events to running hackathons where we create and incubate startups and collective solutions to the city’s biggest issues.We had the pleasure of hosting SHAPE LATAM 2016, strengthening the bonds between the Latin Hubs and developing strategic alliances for the future of the community in our region.

36 members


Mala Henriques


@ Siembra Consulting

Ana María Botero

Political science student

Jessica Delgado Agredo

Leader of Business Networks

Ana Maria Diez De Fex


Daniel Escobar Giraldo

Innovation Ecosystem Manager

Diana Escobar Villegas

Global Management Trainee

Carlos Andrés Franco Betancur

Strategic Coordinator, Prevention and Mitigation of Violence

@ Colombian Red Cross

Felipe Garzón C

Project Manager

Carlos Jaramillo

Chief Executive Officer

@ Distilled Innovation

Esteban Jaramillo Baena

CEO & Founder

@ Il Milione

Laura Llanos García


Natalia Martinez Espitia

Product designer

Juliana Orrego


David Orrego

Daniela Ortega

Coordinadora de Desarollo económico y social

Juan Sebastian Osorio Valencia

Director, Education

@ Gemedco SA

Mauricio Antonio Ospina Guarín

FInancial Manager

Juliana Paucar


Juan Felipe Puentes Santos

Masters in Conflict Studies Candidate

Juan David Ramírez Jaramillo

Social Bilingual Project Leader

Daniel Eduardo Ramírez Vásquez


Federico Restrepo Sierra

Co Founder and Director

Juliana Rojas

Industrial designer

Juan Camilo Ruiz


@ Corpoemprende

David Sanchez Valle

Projects Director

Gabriela Socias

Communication Specialist AYNI Fund

Alexander Tegelaars

Consultant in Corporate Sustainability

Miguel Uribe


Pablo Velasquez

Full Stack Developer

Esteban Velasquez


Andres Felipe Vera Ramirez


@ RadioClarin

Jorge Yepes

Founder & Digital Strategist

Luisa Gómez Ángel

Professional at the Public Policy Observatory

Roberto Rave

Mayor Advisor

Cristian Alberto Rivera Escobar


Founding Curator

Catalina Cock Duque

Executive Director

@ Mi Sangre Foundation

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