Aarogya Sankalp

As part of the initiative named Aarogya Sankalp, we have successfully conducted our recent field activity, Aug 26-30, 2014. It includes: 1). Launch of E-Arogyam SMS service (ANC, Immunization) for two blocks with around 5000 beneficiaries in 130 villages (population of 3L+, 20% of Jhansi) 2). ANC street meetings in 12 villages. Reached over 1000 people with a model for continuous intervention. 3). Distributed Diagnostic instruments like automated BP meter and digital thermometer in 7 gram panchayats and trained ASHA workers for the same. Already around 300 measurements done in 5 days. 4). Specialty health camp with Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedic, Physician consultation, medicines and lab tests. 360 OPDs done. For more details: Aarogya Sankalp was organized by DLPMCS in collaboration with Wish a Change Foundation and in association with Global Shapers Community, Hyderabad.