Coding Cats - Developing Curiosity in Kids Through Tech

As a rapidly-growing country and post-war economy, Cambodia's public education system is rife with challenges, resulting in a shortage of human resources. This project aims to increase interest, competency and advocacy for digital literacy across school students, ultimately improving the pipeline for young people who pursue technical education and careers. Coding Cats is a partnership between the Phnom Penh Hub with Singaporean social enterprise, Saturday Kids, that has been developing creative technology curriculum for over 5 years, serving thousands of children. The project provides free extra-curricular programmes for children using technology, that encourages curious, investigative and self-motivated learning. Through this pilot, the project hopes to demonstrate the efficacy of short courses such that future partners could design and scale larger, sustained interventions.

The short-term goals of the project include:

  • 100 students completing the pilot coding program

  • Comprehensive feedback from all stakeholders on curriculum, pedagogy, program design and delivery

  • Widespread media coverage of program and the importance of digital literacy

  • Government endorsement of the curriculum and program for future expansion