Global Shapers Geneva x Partage

Partage delivers and distributes 1400 tons of food and 160 tons of hygiene products every year. We want to take action and we want to make people around us aware of the issue by organizing recurring events that shed light on the issue and the work Partage do. In collaboration with the Geneva-based food bank “Partage” we organize food drives, twice a year, where people can donate food that will be distributed around the city to associations. We also volunteer during their “Samedi du Partage” around November.

Inputs: - Any organization can coordinate and organize their own food drive. - Partage have lists of the types of products that can be donated or redistributed to those in need. Find the list on their website.

- Upon request, Partage can also provide you with boxes and communication materials (flyers and roll-ups). Those need to be asked in advance - contact:

- Find a central location to host the food drive and plan a full afternoon.

- We are welcome to drop off the collected products in their warehouse in Plans les Ouates. If the quantity is too high, they can organize a pick up through our logistics service (subject to the workload of their drivers).

Long-Team Goal: Hunger and precariousness are a reality in Geneva. We want to be part of the solution! Geneva seems like a wealthy and resourceful city but we tend to forget that everyday thousands of people queue to get basic food products (rice, pasta, oil, salt, ...) but also hygiene products (razors, shampoo, soap, hygiene paper, tooth paste, ...).

Outcomes: 500CHF+ raised 105.3 kg of merchandise accumulated

1. Working with this charitable company to help raise funds and merchandise to fight precariousness during winter

2. Create a long-term partnership where the Global Shapers Geneva Hub can unite forces and organize their own food drive for the good of the community

3. The need for food security and actively work to support people and improve their quality of live and actively shape equitable health and overcome potential disasters such as pandemics or low income salaries.