‘nDonnamo? - Vie Libere alle Donne

In Italy, only 4-5% of streets are dedicated to women and, when they are, they are mostly referring to religious or mythological figures. Through interactive urban paths, the 'nDonnamo? project addresses the issue of women's visibility and their role in building the world we live in.  

Each route is thematic and immersive, allowing the public to celebrate female figures and gain awareness of social issues. The first path focuses on women in STEM (Donne nella Scienza) and sheds some light on the achievements of female scientists whose accomplishments have historically been overlooked. Each path includes a series of street plates (targhe) with a short biography of each selected woman. Participants can then scan a QR code to access further information on the topic on our proprietary website.


As part of this initiative, we have partnered with local schools to give guided tours to students in middle and high school.

We also released audio tracks to accompany interested people along the journey.

This initiative is aimed at spotlighting how women have historically contributed to bringing forward social change – and how their contributions have been overshadowed by those of their male counterparts. Our desired impact is raising awareness on how neither history nor urban design are neutral subjects and the decisions to highlight the contributions of one person over the other have trickle-down effects on our perception of people’s role in society today. This omission is most (in)visible in our cities whose streets are by and large mostly dedicated to men.