Reforestation Scotland

The community in Edinburgh + Scotland needs to identify stakeholders and identify gaps so that they can prevent, hold and reverse the degradation of eco systems. The proposed solution is to connect local stakeholders in reforestation projects with emerging technological pioneers. We are currently collecting information, confirming partners and preparing to launch our sprint project. A long term project is to follow based on the results from the sprint project.

 Short term goals for the sprint project:

- to create a stakeholder map

- identify partners to contact

- create social media outreach.


Ultimately the goal is to connect and educate: map insights, contacts and experts and bring them together

The long term change is more volume of, more incentive for, and more effective reforestation projects.


Measuring impact:

Social media outreach will be one possible metric to measure parts of the impact.

It is important to differentiate: not the number of trees counts, but growth rate for eco systems und carbon offsetting potential.