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Edinburgh Hub

The Edinburgh Hub is a pioneering community of young leaders that connects potential and generates practical solutions to maximise social impact.

Our mission is threefold:

We will sustain a welcoming, authentic, empowering community that attracts diverse and committed members who exemplify our values

We will facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations and encourage activism

We will act locally and think globally; learning about and sharing best practice

17 members


Peter MacPhail

Rula Awad

Laurent Bélanger-Lowe

Jasmin Burgermeister

George Burton

Jean Claude Cournand

Jessica Donaldson

Bronagh Finnegan

Nicholas Guy

Connor Hounslow

Hadi Khan

Ann-Kathrin Müller

Leonard Niesel

Jimmy Paul

Ulrike Radunz

Juliana Sofía Riaño Sánchez

Thomas Schönberger

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