Vert ma vie

Vert ma vie is a coaching program by the Brussels Hub for people who want to make their lifestyle more sustainable. Over four months, they are expected track and try to make improvements on their behavior. The target group is Brusseleers who are motivated to change, but do not have enough time to do the necessary research or do not know where to start. They can set goals and targets to their own discretion, but are expected to be present and make an effort.

These workshops happened online in compliance with governmental requirements during the pandemic.

The program consisted of four tri-weekly meetings lasting 1.5 hours each. Each session began with a 30-minute presentation on the current topic by an expert, followed by a short question round. After a short break, the participants had 40 mins to go over their current situation and see what behavior or habits they can change. For this workshop, facilitation materials and practical tips were provided. Participants were encouraged to go to more than one session, but in principle each session was standalone.

On the website there was an introduction to the program with an overview of the goal and the different aspects of sustainability. Not only CO2 emissions, but also ecological, social and economic impact are considered.

  • Food with sustainable food campaigner at Greenpeace & podcast host, Matteo De Vos

  • Mobility with Dr. Imre Keserü, a researcher on urban mobility from MOBI.

  • Fashion with Tatiana De Wée, co-founded of Fashion Revolution Belgium

  • Waste & recycling with Gerald Martin, sustainability expert

To ensure a good atmosphere and enough space for everyone to ask their questions, the Hub limited the size of each session to ~20 attendees. Three of the four sessions were full.