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Beirut Hub

Global Shapers Beirut Hub is a network of active individuals committed to making a positive impact in their city. We are entrepreneurs, we are scientists, we are engineers, we are artists, we are consultants and more. Our different backgrounds allow us to reach out to the different communities of our society and act as the catalyst for a collaborative outcome. We work towards fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by developing projects and working collectively to achieve them. We aspire to improve Beirut by focusing on individual and communal potentials and creating a positive image for the youth.

8 members


Ismail Iskandarani

Joined 25 Feb 2020

Lilian Abou Zeki

Joined 8 Jun 2015

Abdallah Absi

Joined 27 Jan 2014

Sandy Haidar

Joined 8 Mar 2018

sarah hammoud

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Nassim Njeim

Joined 15 Mar 2018

Maya Wakim

Joined 1 Sep 2017

Malak Yacout

Joined 25 Feb 2020

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