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Bern Hub

Our Hub brings together young and dedicated people from Bern. Individually, we have different backgrounds and bring our very own expertise and interests to the table. Together we aim to stimulate development and implement our own projects with local and social benefits – always pursuing the idea of ‘thinking globally but acting locally’.

19 members


Victoria de Mendieta

Simon Dalcher

Founding Curator

Nicola Forster

Laura Curau

Katharina Dams

Florian Egli

Hugo Fontanel

Yira Marcela Godoy

Josh Levent

Nino Müller

Niniane Paeffgen

Lukas Pauer

Purussouthaman Ponniah

David Waelti

Bastian Widmer

Nora Wilhelm

Charlotte Guan

Lea Simone Kärcher

Fridolin Wendel

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