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The Global Shapers Colombo Hub boasts a unique and dynamic mix of young professionals, ranging from one of Sri Lanka's only female airline pilots, economists, public servants, activists, entrepreneurs, astronomers and many more. We have carefully curated the Hub membership to have this unique diversity of professional backgrounds and expertise. The Hub is now nationally recognized by leaders in private sector, government, and civil society. The Colombo Hub successfully hosted Shape South Asia 2016, and Co-hosted Shape South Asia 2019, bringing together Shapers from across the region and beyond, to use Colombo's rapid transformation as a backdrop to engage in conversations and activities on urbanization. The Hub continues to work on issues of Climate and Environment, Equity and Inclusion, and Education and Entrepreneurship.

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17 members

Jonathan Abeywickrema

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Nethmie Dehigama

Joined 28 Feb 2021

Suhanya Devanjee

Joined 11 Jan 2023

Impact Officer

Chamathka Fonseka

Joined 23 Dec 2022


Navindra Fonseka

Joined 11 Jan 2023

Renu Harshatha

Joined 28 Feb 2021

Janith Ittapana

Joined 27 Feb 2021

Sajeth Jonathan

Joined 27 Feb 2021

Natasha Mamuhewa

Joined 9 Dec 2022


Hafsah Muheed

Joined 1 Mar 2021

Munira Mutaher

Joined 23 Jun 2016

Husna Naleer

Joined 1 Mar 2021

Ayushka Nugaliyadda

Joined 9 Nov 2017

Maduvanthi Pathmanathan

Joined 13 Jan 2023

Fathima Haneekah Rahil

Joined 27 Dec 2022

Sajini Wickramasinghe

Joined 20 Jan 2020

Gehan Wijesinghe

Joined 10 Dec 2022

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