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Kuwait City Hub

The Kuwait City Hub is made up of young residents of the city who wish to contribute to the inclusive growth of the Gulf nation and who draw on the expertise of a regional network of similarly minded young people to help spur greater social, economic and environmental conscious advancement in the region.

16 members


Jawa AlEisa

Joined 15 Jul 2021

Nour Al-Failakawi

Joined 15 Jul 2021

Ahmad Al Hajeri

Joined 30 Jun 2022

Dhuha Al-Ibraheem

Joined 14 Feb 2022

Ghada Alkhamis

Joined 10 Nov 2020

Impact Officer

Mohammed AlMunifi

Joined 8 Jun 2022

Mishary AlMutawa

Joined 2 Mar 2021

Faisal Al-Othainah

Joined 26 Jan 2022

Founding Curator

Abdulaziz Alothman

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Sara Alrabiah

Joined 2 Feb 2021

Hamad AlRoumi

Joined 14 Mar 2021

Mohammad Alsayed Ibrahim

Joined 22 Jan 2023

Naser AlSayer

Joined 9 Nov 2020

Hashem Alshakhas

Joined 2 May 2022

Ali AlZaid

Joined 15 Jul 2021


Farah Hamoudah

Joined 18 Jul 2021

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