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Created in 2012, as of today the Milan Hub is composed of 31 shapers with very different backgrounds, interests, and ideas. During the past 4 years, we have launched several local projects with relevant impact in various fields and sectors, including civic education, unemployment, SME innovation, fourth industrial revolution, social inclusion and the refugee crisis. We were successful in our bid to host Shapeurope2017 which focused on Environmental Sustainability. We have also enhanced our dialogue and partnerships with a large variety of corporations and institutions from local government to universities and private and public organizations. Our aim is to increase our impact by working in network with all the hubs to shape the World together! Get in touch!

23 members

Alan Bidart

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Elena Caracciolo

Joined 2 Jun 2019

Community Champion

Alice Casiraghi☆

Joined 25 Feb 2016

Simone Chiani

Joined 18 Dec 2020


Bianca del Balzo

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Andrea Della Libera

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Davide di Micco

Joined 31 May 2019

Giulia Ficarazzo

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Maria Filmanovic

Joined 24 Feb 2019

Eloisa Gattiglio

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Mattia Ghisalberti

Joined 19 Dec 2020

Nicolo Giacchero

Joined 17 Dec 2020

Tommaso Maschera

Joined 14 Jan 2020

Gordon Abeiku Mensah

Joined 22 Feb 2019


Giorgia Ortolani

Joined 13 Jan 2020

Alessandro Panerai

Joined 24 Mar 2016

Giulia Poletti de Chaurand

Joined 31 Mar 2016

Lorenzo Francesco Rea

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Gaia Romani

Joined 7 May 2019

Impact Officer

Paolo Rossi

Joined 12 Apr 2022

Valeria Rossi Puentes

Joined 16 Oct 2019

Bartolomeo Tiralongo

Joined 2 Jul 2019

Founding Curator

Beatrice Trussardi

Joined 11 Dec 2012

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