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Stuttgart Hub

The powerful community of young bright minds, a wide variety of professional backgrounds and a determined drive to create change builds the strong backbone of the Stuttgart Hub.

We want to create an increasingly liveable and future-proof city, unbeholden to its past success, setting the pace for the future of the city, especially in the areas of mobility, urban space, and social inclusion.


9 members


Philipp Rathjen

Joined 26 Oct 2019

Impact Officer

Laura Rathjen

Joined 3 Nov 2019

Johannes Hausmann

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Tom Jetter

Joined 19 Aug 2020

Sophie Mok

Joined 2 Nov 2019

Raoul G. C. Schönhof

Joined 19 Aug 2020

Nikita Shetty

Joined 29 Oct 2019

Heider Younas

Joined 31 Oct 2019

Founding Curator

Maral Koohestanian

Joined 23 Oct 2019

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