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Tunis Hub

Harnessing the power of youth initiatives for a better Tunisia! Like other hubs around the world, we are committed to continuously improving the state of our city and our country. Through our efforts, we intend to have a positive and sustainable impact on our society with a focus on 3 main components: social business, citizenship and arts & culture. We envision a Tunisia where citizens are aware of their high potential to be an asset to society and believe in a society that encourages creative thinking, innovative ideas, productive partnerships and efficient problem solving.

16 members


Ahmed Slim Bouakez

Emna Mizouni

Founding Curator

Nadia Sehnaoui Boulifa

Molka Abassi

Amal Bedhyefi

Wafa Ben-Hassine

Aziz Gayes

Saber Gharbi

Elyes Hachana

Hamza Kaabar

Anis Kallel

Ghazoua Ltaief

Sofiène Marzouki

Wiem Melki

Amine Saied

Sadam Jebali

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