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Xi'an Hub

Xi 'an community is composed of very talented young people. Everyone involved in the field is very diverse there are government, colleges and universities, the enterprise personnel. When there is a task in our community, we will use the energy of our different fields to complete. We launched a number of activities with community partners to help young people's entrepreneurship education, and the actual business. Also help the issue of communication between enterprises. At the same time,work on promoting the relations between China and the South Korea.

19 members

Wang Zhengjia

He Chuan

Hu Hongyun


Yan Yu Li


Weijia Qi

Wang Wanting

Yu Chen

Zheng Huiyong

Luoyi (Natalia) Zhou

Guangbiao Fang

Weichen Li

Mao Qihang

Xiao Xiao

Fei Yang

Zihe Zhang

jiannan zhu

Yinan Zhu

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