10 February 2021

The Davos Lab: Building Our Future

Today, we call on all individuals, hubs, and organizations to help drive dialogue, action and change through our newest initiative, The Davos Lab: Building Our Future, which aims to mobilize all interested citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers to shape ten big youth-driven recovery efforts ...

25 January 2021

Activating Responsible Leadership

The past year's economic, health, and social crises have highlighted the need for leadership teams to embrace the five elements of responsible leadership urgently. The crisis is also accelerating longer-term socio-economic and business trends that demand leaders to embed these elements throughout...

01 September 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 5 Highlights

What a powerful experience! We came together over five days to reflect, build, and bond.

31 August 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 4 Highlights

We believe that progress happens by bringing together young people from all walks of life who have the passion and potential to make a difference.

30 August 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 3 Highlights

It is with simple words but filled with gratitude that we say thank you to all participants who made Day 3 so memorable! Today, we hosted over 20 Skills Workshops, participated in meaningful dialogue, key learnings, and built connections to advance our collective impact worldwide.

29 August 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 2 Highlights

We believe that progress happens by bringing together young people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change. In today’s Impact Sessions, we heard powerful testimonials from Global Shapers around the world that are responsibly engaging with their communit...

28 August 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 1 Highlights

Day 1 has already come to a close!

09 June 2020

Black Lives Matter. Black History matters. Black Communities matter. Black Futures matter.

As the next generation, it is our responsibility to work together to fight racism, discrimination and injustice. The Global Shapers Community is committed to fighting racism, discrimination and injustice. We recognise that issues anchored to race and racism are not restricted to one country. Prot...

29 May 2020

Launch of the Responsible Leadership Academy

In partnership with Accenture, we are proud to launch The Responsible Leadership Academy. On this new platform, Shapers will find a collection of resources to support their journey to reflect and develop on the 5 Elements of Responsible Leadership.

25 May 2020

Social Enterprise Institute Launch!

The Global Shapers Community is committed to providing its members with the best resources to achieve their goals and we are delighted to announce our partnership with the Social Enterprise Institute that will help us do just that. Its ground-breaking online programme on how to plan, build and la...