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A past which offers a wonderful panorama of grandeur and glory ,and a present which resonates progress and development, Bhubaneswar beautifully amalgamates its rich and illustrious history and its majestic modernity. Home to temples which are architectural marvels and state of the art buildings, Bhubaneswar is an emerging hub for education and entrepreneurship rightly earning itself  another title as the “#1 Smart City in India” along being called the “ Temple City of India”.  


Global Shapers Bhubaneswar is a community of passionate and assiduous young minds from diverse backgrounds coming together to make a difference with their divergent skill sets and interests. It boasts of entrepreneurs of repute, technocrats, lawyers, narrative artists, sportspersons, and various other talented persons. We believe that a rich diversity enables  cross disciplinary approach and thinking ,and provides different perspectives to a problem and leads to innovative solutions. Determined and dauntless, our shapers are united in the common pursuit of community development.


With unity, constructive thinking,empathetic listening, and radical transparency as our signature values, the hub runs projects that are of wide amplitude, ramifications and appeal.The Hub took its first steps toward shaping the community through projects on education, sports and health. Our hub is always on the go to identify crucial issues and come up with viable and innovative solutions.With an unprecedented shift to everything online, our hub has started a webinar series for interdisciplinary discussions, called the “The Ripples Series”, which focuses on the most pressing challenges and how it affects associated communities. Being a proactive hub, we took up  projects like designing 'Corona Courage Project' and collaborated with the M.A.S.K project led by Bangalore hub,an initiative as a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic which is the need of the hour. We are strong advocates of Sustainability and Climate Reality. Through our 'Plastic Free July'  project we created awareness about eco-friendly alternatives to everyday plastic products. And we are always ready to collaborate on projects that are eco-centric!


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