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Bhubaneswar, The Temple City of India, still reververates the echoes of the past amidst its modern bustling buildings. It is dotted with architectural marvels in temples which have survived since a very remote antiquity and is home to the world renowned Dhauli Buddha Stupa, an embodiment of the victory of peace over war, as described in the narrative of Emperor Ashoka embracing Buddhism here on the banks of river Daya in Dhauli after fighting a bloodthirsty war and ultimately recognizing its futility. The Stupa stands testimony to this recognition, "The futility of war and the victory of Peace".

The Bhubaneswar Hub, nestled within this historic city, is a network of shapers from diverse backgrounds with divergent skillsets and interests. It boasts of entrepreneurs of repute, technocrats, lawyers, narrative artists, sportspersons, and various other talented persons united in the common pursuit of community development.

The hub believes that "If you want to go fast, then go alone. If you want to go far, then go together." It chooses to go with the latter statement in the adage. The goal of the hub is "Harmonious Development of the community". This means that the hub does not believe that there exists a trade-off between efficiency and equity, economic freedom and social welfare, but believes in locating the golden mean. The hub runs projects that are of wide amplitude, ramifications and appeal. It is a nature-loving hub and is always ready to collaborate on projects that are eco-centric.

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