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Brisbane Hub

Brisbane, situated on the traditional lands of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples, is a region undergoing rapid growth and change as ‘new world city’, with significant investments in technology, arts, community, and urban infrastructure.

Much the same, the members of the Global Shapers Brisbane Hub are a group of exceptional young change makers, entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers in emerging points of their careers.

Drawn together by a common desire to improve their communities both locally and globally, the Brisbane Shapers draw from a diverse background of culture, skills, and experience to work together for social good and develop the social ties and skills needed to advance their abilities and development.

The Brisbane Shapers engage in projects for their local community - and the wider Global Shapers Community - to help shape the direction of Brisbane and the prosperity of its people.

22 members


Max Wasley

Tasman Bain

Nataya Branjerdporn

Frederick Brien

Margo Camus

Bradley Clair

Parvati Dadwal

Melody Dobrinin

Jordan Duffy

Nicholas Johnson

Joseph Kolapudi

Nkosana Mafico

Rory McGahan

Sarah O’Leary

Sunny Paia’aua

Claire Peng

Steve Pocock

Tiana Reimann

William Smith Stubbs

Ayesha Tauseef

Lauren Dodson

Founding Curator

Gordon Hughes

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