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The Brisbane Global Shapers Hub comprises a powerful group of the most profoundly talented, community-minded and entrepreneurial young Australians in the greater Brisbane region. Its diverse cohort of members are representative of nearly every major sector and industry, bound together by a shared spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest. The Brisbane Global Shapers aim to champion the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity, and are earmarked by their unparalleled drive to improve the state of the world. The Brisbane Global Shapers Hub continually designs and participates in cutting-edge projects which fulfill this mission, often in partnership with sister Hubs across the globe, supported by the World Economic Forum. The Brisbane Global Shapers Hub is made unique by the quintessential fusion of an easygoing city culture and a resourceful population.

13 members


William Smith Stubbs

Co-Founder and Director


Tasman Bain

Co-Founder and Deputy Director

Parvati Dadwal

M.D. Candidate

Jordan Duffy


@ Buckham and Duffy Consultants

Maria Fernanda Felix de la Luz


@ Youth Parliament of the Americas

Nicholas Johnson

Founder & CEO @

Nkosana Mafico

Founder and Chief

@ Council for Young Africans Living Abroad

Rory McGahan

Co-Founder and Director

Nicholas Mclean

Bachelor of LLB

Steve Pocock

Strategic Program & Operations Manager

Max Wasley


Lauren Dodson

Senior Human Resource Advisor

Founding Curator

Gordon Hughes

Founder and Managing Director

@ Rhythmscape Publishing

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