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Cochabamba Hub

Committed to our role as shapers, Cochabamba Hub is working hard to transform our city.


We develop multidisciplinary projects that can improve the way our city is growing, within the following impact areas: Citizenship, Education and Environment.


During our 7 years of existence we've worked in different projects and with other local organizations in order to have more impact in our community.


As explained in each of our projects, we try to involve citizens and seek to develop their active participation in our society so everyone can feel identified with the work we do. 


We currently count with exceptional young leaders in our hub, who believe that change can be shaped step by step and day by day. 


25 members


Daniela Rossana Gutierrez Ayllon

Adriana Jaldin

Adriana Abrego

Andrea Barrientos

Alvaro Bautista

Natalia Caballero Medina

Henrry Raul Chuquimia

Miguel Camilo Cuba Pinto

Carlos Ariel Alejandro Fernandez Vazquez

abigail geronimo

Erika Gottlieb

Gabriel Guzman Camacho

Tessa Henwood-Mitchell

Lizbeth Gabriela Lezano Aliaga

Noelia Lopez

Tatiana del Pilar Millan Poveda

Carolina Orias

Gabriel Peredo Albornoz

Andrea Puente

Daniela Roman

Alejandro Javier Sánchez

Sarita Mariel Siles Cardenas

Valeria Tejada Saavedra

Gaston Zientarski

Sergio Villaroel

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