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Nagpur Hub

The Nagpur Hub is full of young enthusiasts committed to shaping our community and it is in its infant stage, preparing a strong base for a better future. It consists of shapers who excel in their profession like economics, sociology, design, law, technology. We are growing and developing and are hopeful to create a strong Hub.

21 members


Varun Agrawal

Umang Agrawal

Harshwardhan Bhujade

Prerna Chandak

Deep Chawla

Abhijeet Khandagale

Bhumika Krishnani

Ankita Lahoti

Aastha Mishra

Paras Parekh

Abdul Shaik

Aakruti Sharma

Mahima Suri

Stuti Vij

Vedant Ballal

Shalini Chatterjee

Naina Gill

Aarti Hasani

Aman Jain

Rohan Loya

Nimesh Patel

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