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Oakland Hub

The Oakland Hub of the Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is a community of civic minded leaders serving to drive systemic change through the forging of public, private and community partnerships both locally and globally.

Through creative events and projects, we aim to collectively utilize our social, financial and digital capital to maximize our efforts and work to build more inclusive, sustainable environments.

Our success lies in our ability to work alongside those directly impacted by societal issues and we are devoted to being a bridge that connects Oakland’s rich history to its present and future.

21 members


Bobbie Reyes

Joined 8 Jun 2020


Brea Nicole Hammonds

Joined 14 Jun 2020

Samantha Akwei

Joined 27 Apr 2020

Haleema Bharoocha

Joined 5 Jun 2020

Alexis Cureton

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Breeanna Decker

Joined 7 Jun 2020

Tony Hall

Joined 30 May 2020

Alexandra Harbour

Joined 4 Jun 2020

Sonakshi kapoor

Joined 4 Jun 2020

Tony Lam

Joined 4 Jun 2020

Ivellisse Morales

Joined 20 May 2020

Eli Nevel-Tyler

Joined 21 May 2020

Goksenin Ozturkeri

Joined 30 May 2020

Javon Phillips

Joined 22 May 2020

Ruth Semere

Joined 22 May 2020

Sanjana Seth

Joined 1 Jun 2020

Kashyap Tumkur

Joined 19 May 2020

Moses Tut

Joined 20 May 2020

Marius Wiggert

Joined 7 Jun 2020

Vignan Velivela

Joined 1 Jun 2020

Founding Curator

Laksmi Lagares

Joined 20 Dec 2018

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