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Palermo Hub

Established in July 2018, the Global Shapers Palermo Hub aims to involve young people who want to put their talent and determination at the service of their own city, working to engage the local communities to generate a positive impact.

The Palermo Hub focuses on implementing traversal initiatives and projects with particular attention to the issues of legality, social inclusion, hospitality, multiculturalism, education and entrepreneurship.

20 members


Alessandro Pio Cusimano

Founding Curator

Domenico Schillaci

Agnieszka Czubak

Valerio D'Angelo

Giulia Del Sordo

Emanuele De Pasquale

Martina Derito

Manfredi Domina

Ruben Dublo

Alessandra Infantino

Alessio Maringhini

Dario Megna

Elena Militello

Mario Mirabile

Hanna Rasper

Vincenzo Schifano

Antonio Campanile

Giulia Iraci

Andrea Romano

Marta Vescovi

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