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Port Louis Hub

The Port Louis Hub is one of the very first Hubs of the Global Shapers Community. It was established in May 2012. Since then, the Hub has been a platform for young Mauritians from different backgrounds to create impact locally. The Port Louis Hub has strategically positioned itself as the convener of choice on Oceans and the Blue Economy in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. It's flagship project #SeeingBlue received global recognition by winning the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award in 2016.

19 members


Shabbir Esmael

Krishnee Adnarain Appadoo

Anishah Aujayeb-Gopal

Maiyshla Chunwan

Trisha Gukhool

Kevin Keenoo

Nawshin Mahadooa

Barkha Mossae

Meghna Raghoobar

Raksha Ramloll

Karuna Rana

Deepti Roopun

Ameerah Arjanee

Somesh Bhoobun

Guru Bhoojhawon

Yogesh Greedharee

Shaan M. Potayya

Lo-Hun Stephanie

Founding Curator

Nishan Degnarain

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