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San Salvador Hub

The San Salvador Hub merges special skills from young Salvadorans with different passions but all committed to improving the state of our city from their own action field. Aligned to the Forum's objectives, each Shaper brings in their backgrounds and expertise to work together for a peaceful, inclusive, free and prosperous country.

28 members


Herbert Orlando Escoto Molina

Josselyn Alabi

Lourdes Maria Argueta Vides

Miguel Ernesto Artiga Aguila

Aida Betancourt Siman

Julio Alexander Canas Reyes

Andres Escobar

Gabriela González

Gabriela González Lucha

Moises Hasbun

Nahomy Hernández

Roberto Juárez

Melissa Alejandra Menjivar

Guillermo Miranda Cuestas

Fernando Moran

Raquel María Orellana Núñez

Caleb Padilla

Paola Alejandra Peña Ahues

Alejandra Pinto

Ana Gabriela Quiros Mathies

Nelson Reyes

Rebeca Rico

Federico J. Rivas

Sandra Rivera

Santiago Rosas

Natalia Beatriz Santos

Sofia Siman

Enrique Antonio Torruella Pineda

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