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São Luis Hub

São Luís Hub was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating and supporting projects to develop our local community. It is composed of a group of young people from different personal and professional backgrounds, focused on working to solve local problems and discuss global issues.

We are currently running DiverCine project, which promotes audiovisual democracy and debates on social issues in poor communities in São Luís. In 2020, we'll start new projects in the area of the environment and sustainability. Join us to make it happen! :)

Contact us at: or +55 98 98748-0606.

21 members

Alexander Berduega

Joined 9 May 2023


Thais Cajado

Joined 17 Jan 2023

Lizandra Caldas

Joined 28 Apr 2023

Cinthia Campos

Joined 15 Jul 2019

Raimundo Coelho

Joined 30 Apr 2023

Mayara Lina Costa

Joined 13 Mar 2023

Rebecca de Medeiros

Joined 2 Aug 2022

Founding Curator

Bruno Lacerda

Joined 4 Jan 2019

Tâmara Lima

Joined 28 Aug 2022

Fellipe Lobo Martins

Joined 26 Jul 2019

Ana Maria Macedo de araujo

Joined 14 Mar 2023


Monique Martins da Silva

Joined 4 Jul 2019

Camila Muniz

Joined 19 Feb 2020

Impact Officer

Pedro Prado

Joined 2 Aug 2022

João Rebouças

Joined 14 Mar 2023

Carla Ribeiro

Joined 14 Mar 2023

Talyta Ribeiro

Joined 9 Jan 2020

Edilson Rocha

Joined 14 Mar 2023

Luanderson de Souza Souza

Joined 16 May 2023

Sullivan Veras

Joined 30 Apr 2023

Mayara Viana dos Santos

Joined 8 Aug 2019

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