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Stellenbosch Hub

The Stellenbosch hub in the Cape Winelands region of South Africa was founded in 2016 and is committed to building and shaping Stellenbosch by doing incredible, impactful and sustainable work in the community. We aim to be a catalyst for social change and community building, through Hub led projects and collaborative opportunities with other organizations in the area and through the network of Global Shapers hubs globally. The Hub consists of outstanding young individuals, who come from a corporate, academic, non-profit, social entrepreneurship and student backgrounds and are passionate about key areas such as education, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, youth development, as well as community development through sports.

Our vision is to be an integrated, connected, conscious Stellenbosch community of diverse individuals that is to open to understanding others and offers the space for individuals to develop their own unique identities.

We have built our vision and misson on 3 key pillars being Interaction (to encourage dialogue), Insight (to learn through collaboration) and Impact (to create value).

10 members


Jasmine Raju Jacob

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Michellene Barnes

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Rirhandzu Marivate

Joined 9 Apr 2017

Phumudzo Sundani

Joined 14 Sep 2017

Kylie Claire Joan Tregoning

Joined 12 Sep 2018


Joined 29 Jun 2020

Thabani Mtsi

Joined 21 Apr 2020

Brent Smit

Joined 24 Apr 2020

Awodwa Confidence Tobo

Joined 12 Sep 2018

Founding Curator

Marius Hugo

Joined 11 Jun 2015

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