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Thane is a city just outside Mumbai, in western Indian state of Maharashtra. Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Thane is home to more than 3 million people today. Thane is one of the fastest growing cities in India and third largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. Its biggest claim to fame is the first railway line laid in India was from Boribandar to Thane station.

There are a substantial number of individuals relocating to Thane especially between age group of 20-35 years here because of better opportunities for work and the city is transforming into a satellite city. Aligned with GSC vision, the Thane Hub is a collection of committed, focused, young change makers who strive to uplift the social conditions in Thane working collaboratively with community stakeholders and other Hubs from around the world. Our mission is to make Thane the most liveable and caring city in the world. 

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