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The Global Shapers presence in the small island developing state of the Seychelles is represented by the Victoria Hub, made up of a team of young leaders committed to creating meaningful community impact and truly inclusive and thriving communities.

We are a diverse and talented team whose experiences span across the worlds of conservation, business, technology, government, environment, media, and civil society.  We have spearheaded several grassroots initiatives, notably: youth mentoring sessions, gender equity dialogues, civic empowerment sessions with vulnerable young women, and the first youth-led talkshows on national television. This year, thanks to a UNDP grant, we will be leading a Youth Environmental Leaders programme where we give soft skills to future environment leaders in Seychelles. Our members actively participate in and attend regional and Forum-led events, to ensure that the voices of citizens living in small-island developing states are also heard. 

If you are a part of the Forum's community and are visiting our beautiful islands, we would love to connect with you! Message us on TopLink or fill in our Visitor's Book so that we can get in touch! You can also follow our updates on Facebook by clicking here and Liking our Page. 

29 members


Ash Antao

Joined 29 May 2019


Ayda Kasiri

Joined 24 May 2019

Impact Officer

Ella Pool

Joined 26 Mar 2020

Deepak Babu

Joined 22 Mar 2020

Jean-Phillip Banane

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Amelie Desaubin

Joined 26 Mar 2020

Kimberlie Esparon

Joined 23 Mar 2020

Fredrica Fabien

Joined 31 Mar 2020

Jamila Figaro

Joined 27 Mar 2020

Craig Francourt

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Amélie Johnston

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Themyr Kevin

Joined 22 Mar 2020

Leo Kwan

Joined 23 Mar 2020

Hazel Lafortune

Joined 13 May 2019

Emeline Lafortune

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Sophie Morel

Joined 2 Apr 2020

Nandita Nair

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Christine Ouma

Joined 31 Mar 2020

Beryl Payet

Joined 15 Mar 2018

Sophie Perolari

Joined 27 Mar 2020

Aisha Rachel

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Jeremy Antoine Raguain

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Samuel Ramkalawan

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Udhayan Sivakumar

Joined 7 May 2019

Rabia Somers

Joined 2 May 2019

Laura Valentino

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Edith Wong

Joined 7 Apr 2020

Mersiah Rose

Joined 26 Mar 2020

Founding Curator

Chrystold Chetty

Joined 11 Dec 2012

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