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Yaoundé, also known as the town of the seven hills, is the capital of Cameroon, a central African country. With nearly 3 million inhabitants, Yaoundé is a multicultural city whose population is mostly young, creative and dynamic.

The GSC hub of Yaoundé was created in 2016 by a group of young people who shared the same vision of change and wished to be actors, locally for the development and the emergence of their community, globally in building a better world. That vision is the foundation upon which the hub of Yaoundé stands.

Yaoundé shapers are from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and reflect, as a group, the multiculturalism of their city. By embracing diversity, they've made their hub an inclusive environment where each shaper is valued for their uniqueness. They believe that collectively, they can bring about positive change.

They work on small scale and large scale projects in impact areas such as education, environment, health or social injustices.

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23 members


Angèle Melly Yanga

Joined 21 Sep 2020


Forghab Prince Donald

Joined 17 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Leonel Ako

Joined 28 Jan 2022

Mankah Stephany Ako

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Manuella Anya

Joined 17 Jul 2019

Steve Brian Benae Sadi

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Leinyuy Kongnyuy Chilla

Joined 12 Jan 2022

Yann Dimitri ENGOUE

Joined 26 Sep 2020

Guy Romain Eyong Enoh

Joined 18 Oct 2022

Marc Olivier Enoh Tonye

Joined 4 Jul 2016

Samuel MVONDO Ebamane

Joined 20 Jan 2022


Joined 12 Jan 2022

Simon Berthold Ngouffo Dzousse

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Gilly Vanessa Onana

Joined 15 Jul 2019

Katte Yato

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Patricia Asso'o

Joined 25 Sep 2021

Murielle Vanessa Mbenti Mbenti

Joined 25 Sep 2020

Odeth Mbouyom

Joined 17 Oct 2022


Joined 23 Jul 2019

MASSO KAKABI Perrine Astelle

Joined 20 Apr 2022


Joined 11 Nov 2022

Yvan fredy Tchokomeni

Joined 18 Jul 2019

Ernest eyong yami yankam

Joined 5 Mar 2018

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