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The Arusha Hub is made up of diverse and talented young Tanzanians committed to shaping the now and future of our community. While we have a unified mission of the Hub , we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds representing fields such as education,renewable energy, business management, social entrepreneurs, civil society and public sector actors. Together with our partners in Arusha we have initiated several community initiatives including meet the leader sessions, career outreach to secondary school and entrepreneurship venture with youth from indigenous tribes with aim to help turn their rich culture into a capital as a way of alleviating poverty, promoting culture and economic growth.

30 members


Collins Kimaro

Joined 17 Sep 2015

Impact Officer

Evelyn Elliseus Rutazaha

Joined 2 Jun 2016

Outgoing Curator

Elie Chansa

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Vice Curator

Elizabeth Mwambulukutu

Joined 1 Apr 2019

George Akilimali

Joined 11 Oct 2017

Mohamed Muhsin Al-Beity

Joined 11 Oct 2017

Megan Allen

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Omron Blauo

Joined 19 Oct 2017

Felister Chikoti

Joined 14 Jun 2019

Mary John Hingira

Joined 8 Aug 2018

Saumu Issa Rajabu

Joined 2 Apr 2019

Linda Kakolwa

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Margaret Moses Kirumbuyo

Joined 8 Aug 2018

Bertha Phenias Lwakatare

Joined 8 Aug 2018

Mary Mangu

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Zakayo Meng'oru

Joined 11 Oct 2017

Ellen Mndima

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Leah Mollel

Joined 1 Apr 2019

John Mushi

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Derick Ben Mwanri

Joined 11 Oct 2017

John Nzira

Joined 17 Jun 2020

Rebecca Emmanuel Ryakitimbo

Joined 8 Aug 2018

Sigisbertha Bernard Shirima

Joined 8 Aug 2018

BobKevin Shoo

Joined 1 Apr 2019


Joined 1 Apr 2019

Maxwell Moses

Joined 15 Jun 2020

Victor Nnko

Joined 14 Jun 2020

Wines Olotu

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Fredrick Sawe

Joined 8 Jun 2020

Founding Curator

Faraja Nyalandu

Joined 14 Mar 2020

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