Cartagena-ES Hub

Cartagena-ES Hub is a powerful Spanish group of very diverse young people with the mission of building and promoting a world in which science, technology and information technology, which are so important to our lives, have a sustainable and egalitarian perspective, contributing our grain of sand to positive change. We carry out multiple events in which the protagonists are dialogue and youth, to spread our message and locally generate the global effect of achieving the future and present that the new generations deserve and need. If you are young and from Cartagena (or nearby), do not hesitate to join and be part of this important movement!

At Cartagena-ES Hub we are committed to inclusion and web accessibility for all people. For this reason, we are proud to partner with ADDAW, an organization that works hard to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity in the use of the Internet and technology.

8 members

Iker Avellanal

Joined 30 Jan 2023

Alfonso Bastidas Martinez

Joined 23 Aug 2023

Mohammed Benaini

Joined 7 Feb 2023

Nerea Gálvez Vilar

Joined 5 Jul 2023

Laura García Navarro

Joined 20 Mar 2023

Sergio Requena

Joined 30 Jan 2023

Andrea Rodriguez

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Founding Curator

Felipe Segura Gutiérrez

Joined 26 Jan 2023

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