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Our vision is to improve our shared future by shaping a more inclusive and collaborative society.


As a community of young people our mission is to provide an inspiring space for voicing and driving ideas, concerns and initiatives. We are committed to facilitate positive change by sharing and harnessing knowledge and perspectives in order to tackle local and global challenges of our time.

29 members


Sampo Tervomaa

Iida Haglund

Charlotte Christiane Hammer

Jonas Heurtaud

Miia-Maria Katalkin

Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen

Iina Lappalainen

Anni Laurila

Vilma Lukkarinen

Miinu Lumiaho

Maria Lumiaho

Elina Mäkelä

Paula Pirinen

Mikko Saarinen

Maikki Sipinen

Petri Vilén

Tuomas Ylä-Kauttu

Mariia Zubova

Matilda Borchers

Sonja Heikkilä

Ari Kaukiainen

Pauli Kopu

Oliver Laiho

Katja Lairikko

Kristian Lauslahti

Katariina Palvas


Iris Yorke

Founding Curator

Miki Kuusi

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