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Shanghai II Hub

Because Shanghai is such a global cosmopolitan epicenter, Shanghai II International Hub is extraordinarily diverse in both background and interests. From 13 different countries, and almost 10 different industries, we have done projects ranging from a popup photo exhibition, to a panel discussion with chambers from Scandinavia and Africa, to mentoring with local university students. In order to build awareness and greater community engagement, we often work with other groups such as TEDx and openIDEO. Our hub is very active, holding an event at least once a month, typically with 50 to 100 participants each time. We are also spearheading content platform as the Greater China WeChat Account. In 2016 we focused on themes of G20, female empowerment and education. In 2017, we worked on themes of urbanization, including topics that range for mobility to food safety.

30 members


Lucia Wang

Teng Bao

Eoin Barrett Brown

Alice Casiraghi

James da Costa

Nicolas de Toledo

Tingting Fang

Gao Haichun

Charles Gourdeau

Daisy Guo

John Ji

Kang Hanghui

chen ling

Susanna MA

Greg Nance

Grace Ng

Darren O Connell

Siyi Ren

Chris Royle

Alexander Shoer

Alana Strassfield

Chen Wang

Yuanmo Xie

Lisa Xu

Lance Ying

Lu Ying

Rong Rong Zhang

Fengwei Zou

Mingquan Zuo

Matthew Charles Jackson

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