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Shanghai II Hub

The Global Shapers Shanghai II Hub consists of a dynamic and diverse group of global-minded young individuals who excel in their own fields and are united by their love for our community and our city. While some of us are native Chinese; the other ones come from 10 different countries, all connecting China to different communities around the world.

Collectively, we have educated white collars & young entrepreneurs on the importance of nutrition, sleep, exercise and mental health to be successful. We have run many workshops and Shaper Trainings on mental health, climate action, women leadership and empowerment, the future of cities, and engaged local senior citizens with youth to create further understanding among generations and tackle loneliness in elderly. We embrace cross-domain collaboration, and we strive to create value by transforming ideas into action with long term impact.

25 members


Eoin Barrett Brown

Joined 6 Aug 2015

Impact Officer

Darren O Connell

Joined 9 May 2017

Steering Committee

Lucia Wang

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Vice Curator

Kang Hanghui

Joined 31 Aug 2017

Teng Bao

Joined 10 Jul 2018

Nicolas de Toledo

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Tingting Fang

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Gao Haichun

Joined 10 Jul 2018

Charles Gourdeau

Joined 5 May 2019

Daisy Guo

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Matthew Charles Jackson

Joined 10 Jul 2018

chen ling

Joined 10 Jul 2018

Susanna MA

Joined 25 Feb 2016

Greg Nance

Joined 4 Sep 2014

Grace Ng

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Pedro Rebelo

Joined 7 Jul 2020

Siyi Ren

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Chris Royle

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Burtguljin Tumentsogt

Joined 11 Oct 2017

Chen Wang

Joined 10 Jul 2018

Yuanmo Xie

Joined 14 Sep 2017

Lisa Xu

Joined 25 Feb 2016

Rong Rong Zhang

Joined 5 May 2019

Fengwei Zou

Joined 10 Jul 2018

Mingquan Zuo

Joined 28 May 2019

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