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The Sydney Global Shapers is part of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers community which spans over 350 hubs representing nearly every country of the world.

In Sydney, the Shapers are a diverse community of extraordinary young professionals, with a shared passion to collaborate for local impact. We believe that by acting with integrity in the service of our local community, we will improve the state of the world.

We meet on a monthly basis to provide personal and professional development for members, plan two retreats a year and provide ongoing support to each other's projects.

Examples of recent Sydney projects include:

Feast of Strangers. Cultivating empathy and understanding between locals. Link.Startup WorkshopsSupporting the journey of early-stage entrepreneurs. Link.Social Good Summit. A one-day festival celebrating pioneers of social good. Link.

Sydney Hub is also passionate about supporting the Australia and New Zealand community and currently has two representatives on the ANZ Shapers board of directors.

If you'd like to join the Shapers, we strongly encourage you to apply.

27 members


HY William Chan

Joined 23 Feb 2019


Greta Ritchard

Joined 31 Jul 2020

Impact Officer

Vik Nithy

Joined 4 Jul 2016

Advisory Council

Taylor Hawkins

Joined 16 Feb 2019

Imogen Baxter

Joined 1 Dec 2016

Anna Bezuglova

Joined 18 Aug 2020

Alexander Cheng

Joined 18 Aug 2020

Remy-Georgette Crick

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Brody Hannan

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Chelsea Hayward

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Caleb Heard

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Tamana Mirzada

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Joined 10 May 2017

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