Venice Hub

The Venice Hub is made up of great and humble young people commited to bring Venice and its territory as models for other european cities. Our objective is to engage with the various stakeholders to create with them a common framework to improve the territory and venetian people. We are pioneers in sharing the new models coming from the 4th industrial revolution

19 members

Silvia Bernardi

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Francesco Bertazzo

Joined 12 Apr 2020


Giovanna Bordin

Joined 22 Jan 2021

Angela Crema

Joined 15 Feb 2018

Jessica Cremonese

Joined 29 Jun 2022

Filippo Dal Pra

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Alberto Davì

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Tullio Furlani

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Micaela Illy

Joined 14 Nov 2014

Elisabetta Iseppi

Joined 11 Nov 2019


Mattia Liberale

Joined 10 Oct 2021

Federica Marcon

Joined 4 Oct 2018

Impact Officer

Ilaria Mutterle

Joined 26 Jan 2022

Laura Oppi

Joined 18 Jun 2022

Alice Pisano

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Isabella Primicerio

Joined 20 Nov 2019

Dafne Sgarra

Joined 7 Nov 2020

Greta Volpi

Joined 6 Apr 2021

Giorgia Zangrando

Joined 4 Oct 2018

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