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The Accra Hub is constituted by phenomenal and amazing young Ghanaians committed to shaping our community through innovation, economic and political engagement. We represent a myriad of diverse backgrounds and occupational fields such as healthcare, fashion, manufacturing, and commerce, education, journalism, politics, law, technology, and entrepreneurship. We have spearheaded several community initiatives, notably: monthly dialogue series with community thought leaders, Forum members local champions; youth political awareness sessions with the Ghana Electoral Commission, government, and media agencies; and brought the Forum's flagship event from Geneva to our home in Accra, two years in a row, as selected participants of Shaping Davos.We hosted the Road to Davos forum in January 2020, organised StepUp literacy program with the community children from James Town at the Kathy Knowles Community Library in Accra. 

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32 members


Kelvin Ashie

Joined 5 Aug 2019


Dede Saki

Joined 27 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Kodzo Yaotse

Joined 27 Jan 2021

Community Champion

Sampson Kofi Adotey

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Diana Setsofia Agbenyo

Joined 14 Aug 2019

Antoinette Aggrey

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Stephanie Eyram Akrumah

Joined 9 Feb 2021

Felix Arkrabah

Joined 17 Feb 2021

Ruben Atekpe

Joined 19 Nov 2012

Enam Sefakor Bankas

Joined 11 Jul 2018

Ato Kwamina Buabeng Bentsi Enchill

Joined 11 Jul 2018

Bridget Boakye

Joined 11 Jul 2018

Maame Adjoa Nyakoa Boateng

Joined 11 Jul 2018

Lily Edinam Botsyoe

Joined 7 Aug 2019

Nancy Ewurum

Joined 6 Jul 2018

Katjana Kammin

Joined 5 Aug 2019

Obaa Akua Konadu

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Selassie Mensah

Joined 8 Aug 2019

Chineyenwa Okoro Onu

Joined 5 Aug 2019

Salomey Osafo-Ampadu

Joined 20 Feb 2020

Ekow Tachie-Mensah

Joined 27 Jan 2021

Prosper Tornyi

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Priscilla Adjei-Mensah

Joined 3 Feb 2021

Rebecca Narkie Oforiwaa Agbettor

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Charlene Asiedu

Joined 25 Jan 2021

Angela Bortey

Joined 20 Feb 2021

Valerie Entsiful

Joined 9 Feb 2021

Ebenezer Ghanney

Joined 25 Jan 2021

Raphael Hammond

Joined 25 Jan 2021


Joined 24 Jan 2021

Freda Nyame

Joined 2 Feb 2021

Kelvin Tyron

Joined 25 Jan 2021

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