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Brussels Hub

Brussels is where frontiers become foundations of inclusive projects: The capital where Belgium's diversity meets into a nation; the heart of the European Union. Brussels best embodies the notion of thinking global and acting local, as it is home to the large vision that underpins the European project and of neighborhood-sized challenges. The Brussels Hub is - and strives to be - an expression of such diversity. The Brussels Hub is the Belgians and immigrants, European civil servants and local entrepreneurs that focus their minds and energies on helping the young teacher with a difficult classroom to be resilient or sustaining efforts to promote digital education. We promote small acts of betterment that feed into a larger movement for progress.

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18 members


Lidija Globokar

Communications Manager

@ European Commission

Youssef Kobo Aouriaghel


Sabina Ciofu

Policy and Communications Advisor

Olivier De Schutter


@ Amaris

Nadine Khouzam

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ CodeNPlay

Matteo Mascolo

Public Affairs Manager

Arnaud B. Muller

Lead, Marketing Excellence Operations


Oana Popescu

Community Manager

Leonardo Quattrucci

Lead, Europe and MENA

@ Amazon Web Services Institute

Antonella Vagliente

Co-Founder and Director-General

@ Young Water Solutions

Rebecca Weicht


Rositsa Zaimova

Associate Partner

@ Dalberg Data Insights

AnneIsabelle Bidegaray

PhD student - aspirant

Aline Buysschaert

Investment Analyst

Charlotte Emily Manson

Migration and Protracted Crises Officer

Federica Margheri

Operations Officer

Zach Parolin

Researcher & Doctoral Candidate

Founding Curator

Koen Hoornaert


@ Baker McKenzie

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