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Brussels is where frontiers become foundations of inclusive projects, the capital where Belgium's diversity meets into a nation; the heart of the European Union. Brussels best embodies the notion of thinking global and acting local, as it is home to the grand vision that underpins the European project and of challenges facing communities at a neighbourhood level.

The Brussels Hub strives to be an expression of such diversity with a very eclectic group of Shapers in its membership. From local entrepreneurs to European civil servants, they focus their minds and energies on promoting small acts of betterment that feed into a larger movement for progress.

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24 members


Marios Papanikolopoulos

David Alexandru Timis

Silvia Anna Ainio

Youssef Kobo Aouriaghel

Sandra Cánovas Alonso

Sabina Ciofu

Stephan den Hartog

Ugur Can Hekim

Founding Curator

Koen Hoornaert

Sophie Karagianni

Nadine Khouzam

Federica Margheri

Oana Popescu

Thomas Richter

Adam Tricha

Antonella Vagliente

Celia Abchiche

Aliyyah Ahad

Pelumi Fadare

Cyrina Grimonprez

Arjan Keijser

Sandra Logani

Maria Tinoco

Jan Van de Vyver

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