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Davao Hub

The Global Shapers Community Davao Hub is a group of young people that aims to inspire and represent the youth of Davao. Our goal is to engage with various communities to create a positive and more sustainable impact in the region.

We come from different backgrounds and we carry different advocacies like: supporting regional and independent cinema, boosting appreciation for the creative community, promoting diversity and inclusion through social entrepreneurship in the global arena, ensuring quality education through the academe, youth leadership and cultural exposure, promoting universal healthcare, developing media literacy and meaningful communication for social change.

Together, we launch projects that promote conservation and sustainable development, peace-building in Mindanao, fostering social volunteerism, preserving the cultural heritage of the region, encouraging organic urban farming, elevating smart cities through technology, and projects in support of policies and legislation.

All initiatives not only highlight individual talents, but most importantly, we help build a stronger relationship between the Davao Hub and the communities that we serve. Together, let's shape Davao!   

21 members


Jesse Ramon Boga Madriaga

Isaac Jonah Oñate

Founding Curator

Jose Miguel Lisbona

Julienne Baldonado

John Karlo Dalangin

Henna Dazo

Pia Duran

Kit Iris Frias

Ryan Gersava

Perry Paul Lamanilao

Mithi Miclat

Jason Occidental

Liezel Salera

Dianna Marisse Santiago

Nurainie Ampatuan

Tiu Fujikawa

Angeli Guadalupe

Keisha Therese Doce Halili

Nitish Khemani

Paul Labang

Lara Celine Corazon Tonogbanua

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