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Global Shapers Dubai Hub aims to contribute holistically to the ongoing social and economic development of Dubai through cross-disciplinary and multistakeholder means, and by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and youth engagement. The Dubai Hub aims to achieve impact by the creation and delivery of economically, financially, and environmentally sustainable projects, while involving and collaborating with all segments of local society.

Global Shapers Dubai Hub consists of 20+ Shapers committed to improving the present and future of our local community. Our Shapers are diverse in backgrounds and nationalities, representing fields such as consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, policy, public sector, and sustainable energy, among many others. In addition to serving as leaders in their workplaces, all of our Shapers share a passion for social work and commitment to help Dubai on its journey of being one of the most innovative cities in the world. The Hub’s projects currently focus on Education & Employment, Equity & Inclusion, and Climate Change. We actively work with local and regional partners to define impactful, long-lasting initiatives. 

24 members

Fatima Ahmad

Joined 16 Dec 2022

Meer Ako Ali

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Zina Akrout

Joined 27 Jun 2022

Ohoud Alarifi

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Paria Al Awadhi

Joined 21 Feb 2020

Razann Al Ghussein

Joined 25 Oct 2021

Aafreen Ali

Joined 19 Apr 2018

Saeed Al Nazari

Joined 25 Oct 2015

Hashim Alzaabi

Joined 2 May 2020

Aftab Arif

Joined 3 Apr 2015

Leyla Azizova

Joined 6 Jul 2018

Imane Benhayoun

Joined 11 Dec 2022

Regine Chan

Joined 12 Oct 2018

Impact Officer

Akash Chander

Joined 25 Oct 2021

Hazem Ibrahim

Joined 14 Dec 2017

Ghali Jorio

Joined 18 Oct 2018

Aizhan Kapysheva

Joined 1 Sep 2014

Jouja Maamri

Joined 25 Jun 2021


Ahmed Mazlom

Joined 4 Jun 2021

Noora Ali Nasser

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Spandana Palaypu

Joined 15 Jul 2019

Stephen Rawson

Joined 22 Jan 2022


Isha Sharma

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Namitha Thomas

Joined 1 Sep 2021

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