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The Genoa Hub is a rapidly growing group of talented people determined to improve the status quo for a better future. We benefit from a 360° diversity based on our professional and cultural backgrounds and a special attention to internationalization and gender balance. Our shapers' backgrounds include economics, engineering, research, journalism, politics, law, high technology, marketing, and education.

We are currently active on several long-term projects on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Education, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

16 members


Alberto Duretto

Joined 24 May 2018


Giulia Pusceddu

Joined 27 Feb 2022

Alberto Balbi

Joined 30 Apr 2014

Luca Francesco Callegari

Joined 11 Jul 2019

Raffaello Camoriano

Joined 24 Feb 2017

Luca Costanzo

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Rubikha Kamalarajah

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Federica Laureri

Joined 23 Apr 2015

Lucrezia Lodi

Joined 8 Jan 2023

Francesca Mereta

Joined 19 Jun 2020

Pietro Moro

Joined 19 Jun 2020

Bianca Romano

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Vlad Tabusca

Joined 26 Oct 2019

Cristiano Amato Visciotti

Joined 9 Aug 2018

Lorenzo Pagnoni

Joined 9 Jan 2023

Andrea Scarpati

Joined 5 Mar 2018

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