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Kuala Lumpur Hub

The Kuala Lumpur Hub brings together diverse and passionate young leaders to create community-focused impact through innovative, sustainable initiatives and collaborations. Founded in 2012, we hosted the first SHAPE Asia and second SHAPE event in the world in 2013. The Kuala Lumpur Hub has several global, regional and local projects in areas such as liveable cities, ageing communities, graduate employability, alternative education, gender parity and urban hunger.

18 members


Daniel Mahadzir

Joined 19 Sep 2018


Danial Shafri

Joined 19 Sep 2018

Impact Officer

Dharrnesha Inbah Rajah

Joined 25 Sep 2018

Tasnim Abdul Hadi

Joined 4 Mar 2016

Tomas Akynov

Joined 30 Aug 2019

Sufyan Aslam

Joined 7 Aug 2019

Irsyad Tahir bin Md Nazri

Joined 14 Oct 2016

Amalina Davis

Joined 27 Sep 2017

Tan Eik Ter

Joined 5 Aug 2019

Liew Mei Ling

Joined 25 Jul 2014

Arleena Lim Hsiao Huei

Joined 19 Sep 2018

Chloe Ling

Joined 4 Aug 2019

Zaim Mohzani

Joined 4 Mar 2016

Riyana Zafira Razalee

Joined 1 Dec 2016

Jeremy Tan

Joined 12 Oct 2017

Ashley Suelyn Tan

Joined 19 Sep 2018

Gwen Yi Wong

Joined 20 Sep 2017

Founding Curator

Cheng Ming Yu

Joined 11 Dec 2012

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