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Leon Hub is the platform where great things happen, where ordinary people with extraordinary ideas develop their full potential and take risk in order to make substantial changes for society. In the Leon Hub we are passionate about making an impact in our country, and we are a group of people with different backgrounds. Join us on:

22 members

Emilio Abugaber Unzueta

Joined 11 Jul 2018


Tatiana Briseño Contreras

Joined 7 Feb 2019

Maggie De Alba

Joined 21 Jun 2018

María Paula Escalante Moreno

Joined 5 Feb 2019

Daniela Itzel Espinoza Pérez

Joined 12 Oct 2022


Josué Flores Rodríguez

Joined 12 Oct 2022

Gerardo Antonio García Flores

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Anna Grajales

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Rosalinda Guevara

Joined 23 May 2020

Jenniefer Janet Hernández Mercado

Joined 14 Feb 2019

Alan Jeremy Lara Hurtado

Joined 9 Jun 2023

Betsié Maldonado

Joined 8 Jun 2023

Gerardo Daniel Martinez Morales

Joined 21 Jun 2018

Impact Officer

Fernanda Muñoz

Joined 13 Oct 2022

Marion Ximena Ochoa Hidalgo

Joined 8 Jun 2023

Daniel Orozco

Joined 14 Jun 2023

Rebeca Ortega

Joined 8 Jun 2023

Isabel Padilla Olmos

Joined 21 Jun 2018

Yolanda Paulina Pereda Garcia

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Carlos Ramírez López

Joined 23 Feb 2017


Joined 14 Oct 2022

Laura Rosina Torres Ortega

Joined 12 Oct 2022

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