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The London Hub is a large, vibrant and extremely diverse group. Some of us are lifelong Londoners; others are recent arrivals. Between us, we are journalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, activists, investors, politicians, doctors... and many other occupations in every sector of society. We care deeply about having an impact in London and the wider world.

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32 members


Claudine Adeyemi

Adebusuyi Adeyemi

Dr Faheem Ahmed

Yvonne Bajela

Alvin Carpio

Michelle Cheng

Rory Daniels

Daisy Fancourt

Kenny Imafidon

Nadia Khan

yang Liu

Ben Lyons

Maxine Mackintosh

Gemma Milne

Carlo Mattia Minciacchi

Agastya Muthanna

Carina Namih

Eleni Polychroniadou

Abhas Ricky

Antonia Rofagha

Jasnam Singh Sidhu

Luis Paulo Torres

Lisa Wong

Janique Charles

Tat Seng Chiam

Resham Kotecha

Samuel Myers

Laura Round

Rich Serunjogi

Alexandra Willis

Andrew Wolckenhaar

Founding Curator

Kate Hampton

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