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Montreal Hub

The island we call “Montreal” is known as Tiotia:ke in Kanien'keháka, a place which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst indigenous nations. The Montreal Hub of the Global Shapers started 4 years ago. From our humble beginnings, we have grown today to almost 20 exceptional young professionals who are emerging and accomplished leaders in the public, private, and civil society sectors. We are proud to say that our members and our projects, aim to reflect the diversity of the city we call Montreal, and that as impatient optimists we are working tirelessly to address local, regional and global challenges. In particular, our hub is committed to three themes: combatting discrimination, refugee integration and women’s empowerment.

47 members


Laura Corrales

Mohammed Nayem Alam

Wassim Aouad

Hannah Ballard

Aminka Belvitt

Sarin Boivin Picard

Martina Buchal

Heldden Byumvuhore

Melanie Devirieux

Abdel Dicko

E. Moses Gashirabake

Leigh Glynn-Finnegan

Charlotte Jacob Maguire

Sinthusha Kandiah

Joanna Klimczak

Simon Labrecque

Kathy Liu

Alexa MacLean

Kokulan Mahendiran

Alexandra Martell

Ikram Mecheri

Adlai Salcedo

Felicia O. Sangare

Nirushaa Senthilnathan Subramaniam

Brandon Silver

Daniel Tarantino

Thomas Touchie

Demi Vrettas

Andrea Zhu

Antoine Audet

Saif Eddin Bani Malhem


Alia Bhimji

Katelyn Carey

Austin Dains

Laëtitia Damonsing

Abhishek Gupta

Yasmine Izmeth

Félix Lavoie-Pérusse

Mithula Logeswaran

Sebastian Muermann

Seynabou Ndiaye

Cyrielle Noel

Derakhshan Qurban-Ali

Joëlle R. Chiasson

Paula Sahyoun

Rim Sabrina Sassi

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