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Since its establishment, Global Shapers Osaka Hub has been working around the theme of “Education for the Next Generation.” We have contributed to building the future of Osaka and Kansai region by conducting on-site classes at many junior and senior high schools. Last year, we held the “NEXT DAY 2019” symposium for future education, which was led by the curator candidate of the Osaka Hub. 

Next year, Osaka Hub will be relaunched, with half of the current Shapers retiring and new Shapers joining. While education still plays an important role, we aim to expand activities that shape the future of Osaka and the Kansai region by utilizing the expertise and strengths of the Shapers. 

There are three main policies for next year. One is to actively support and sponsor non-profit projects hosted by the Shapers of the Osaka Hub. Rather than aiming to host everything as the Osaka Hub, we will play a role as local contributors in order to maximize the Shapers’ projects. Next, we will strengthen the cooperation with media in Japan. When it comes to on-site classes, there is a limit of people whom we can directly work with. Therefore, we will engage in activities that create the future education of Japan through sharing our knowledge and skills through the media. Finally, we aim to cooperate with the Osaka and Kansai Expo that will be held in 2025, and contribute to the society through proposals that will be extended from the region to the world. The curator candidate, Hiroshi Sakuma, has been selected as a member of the panel of experts by the Osaka Prefecture, and there were some other Shapers who were involved in inviting the Expo to Osaka.  

The Osaka Hub has been particularly active even within the other hubs in Japan, but I would like to aim to solidify this organization to be long-lasting, while at times altering the framework to match the needs of the evolving era. From next year, as the new curator of the Osaka Hub, I would like to further contribute to the world from Osaka and the Kansai region through the various projects hosted and developed by the Shapers of the Osaka Hub. 

Hiroshi Sakuma

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