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Since its establishment, Global Shapers Osaka Hub has been working around the theme of “Education for the Next Generation.” We have contributed to building the future of Osaka and Kansai region by conducting on-site classes at many junior and senior high schools. The biggest event was the “NEXT DAY 2019” symposium for future education, which was led by the curator candidate of the Osaka Hub. 

Last year, Osaka Hub was relaunched, with half of the current Shapers retiring and new Shapers joining. While education still plays an important role, we aim to expand activities that shape the future of Osaka and the Kansai region by utilizing the expertise and strengths of the Shapers. 

There are three main policies till June 2022(at least): 

One is to actively support and sponsor non-profit projects hosted by the Shapers in the Osaka Hub. Since each hub member have their own unique activities and strong messages to the world, we try to gather them up to deliver them to more people. As we renewed our members, it is still a worthy step for us to allocate much more time for in-hub activities, such as a retreat, to know each other further. So like having talks on SNS will be profitable to the hub itself and the people around us. 

Next, we will change our hub main projects, which should be created by hub new members' motivation and ability.  Now we have more young scholars, designers, enterpreners and businesspersons, who is now bringing about an innovative project. 

Lastly, the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo is coming next to us. Some shapers in Osaka are involving in the preparation towards the Expo in 2025, when we can issue a strong message in a global scale. We are living in the harsh period of the COVID-19(the novel corona-virus infection), and we need to be aware that it is still in the middle steps towards the SDGs, which has not been achieved yet. We are seeking for any kind of corraborations with other hubs or shapers to shape this global society in a positive way. 


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