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Porto Alegre Hub

The Porto Alegre Hub is led by a diverse group of young Brazilians committed in having a more sustainable and equal future. Our shapers comes from very different areas such as education, startups, music, business, health, international relations and design. We aim to create a comfortable room so that meaningful, significant and respectful conversations happen. This combination of different opinions and backgrounds with a healthy space is what delivers a great value: of empathy, active listening and somewhere where you are welcome to think and break paradigms.

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18 members


Isis Ramos

Director and Co-Founder

@ Isaclin

Felipe Faoro Bertoni

Judge Assistant

Julia Caon Froeder

Analyst, Social Projects

@ Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho

Carolina Cavalheiro

Customer Service Coordinator

Gustavo de Quadros

Co-Founder & CEO

Gabriel Drumond

Founder and Director

@ Mercado Brasco

Victor Pinheiro Galvão

Graduate Student on Bs degre in Public Policies

Arthur Mallet Dias


Tiago Masseti


Victor Hugo Reimann da Silva

Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Simone Uriartt


@ Older Child Adoption Project

Cristina Albuquerque M da Silva

Urban Mobility Coordinate

Thiago Galbeno


Guilherme Kubaszeiski

Creative Director

cassio lutz do canto


Ricardo Petersen

Management Consultant

Dayane Belmonte Ramos


Mariano Telles Oliveira

Musiciam and music teacher

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