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Porto Alegre Hub

The Porto Alegre Hub is led by a diverse group of young Brazilians committed in having a more sustainable and equal future. Our shapers comes from very different areas such as education, startups, music, business, health, international relations and design. We aim to create a comfortable room so that meaningful, significant and respectful conversations happen. This combination of different opinions and backgrounds with a healthy space is what delivers a great value: of empathy, active listening and somewhere where you are welcome to think and break paradigms.

29 members


Desirée Medeiros

Joined 17 May 2019


Vitória Kramer

Joined 8 Nov 2021

Cristina Albuquerque M da Silva

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Camila Andrade

Joined 30 May 2018

Anna Bittarello Silva

Joined 10 Nov 2021

Rafael Bittencourt

Joined 16 Aug 2018

Luana Daltro

Joined 28 Jan 2020

Roger Gama

Joined 15 May 2019

Julia Garim

Joined 15 May 2019

Murilo Lencina Priebe

Joined 12 Nov 2021

Arthur Mallet Dias

Joined 30 Jun 2017

Caroline Mallmann Scossi

Joined 30 May 2018

Guilherme Novak

Joined 30 May 2018

Augusto Pellizzaro

Joined 3 Feb 2020

Pedro Reis

Joined 16 Aug 2018

Karina Ruiz

Joined 9 Nov 2021

Isabella Sander

Joined 15 May 2019

Arielle Rayane Santos Lima

Joined 30 May 2018

Tales Shinji Sawakuchi Minei

Joined 15 May 2019

Luise Silva

Joined 8 Nov 2021

Thales Crescencio Wisinski Machado

Joined 30 May 2018

Marcelo Merten Cruz

Joined 14 Apr 2020

Júlia Migot

Joined 9 Nov 2021

Kevyn Moura

Joined 8 Nov 2021

Juliano Oliveira

Joined 17 Nov 2020

Nellens Pinho

Joined 5 Sep 2019

Ana Laura Quadrado Frisina

Joined 9 Nov 2021

Liciane Silva

Joined 9 Nov 2021

luzia danielli da silva ferreira

Joined 25 May 2019

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