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San Francisco Hub

The San Francisco Hub is a group of 40 technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, scientists, engineers, tinkerers, dreamers, and global citizens. We see a special value in bringing young leaders from different backgrounds areas of expertise together. As a Hub, we have raised money for non profits, helped empower the homeless with digital access to information, provided professional skills training to underrepresented youth, and more. We also run a monthly ShaperTalk series that brings leaders who have shaped their industries to address Shapers and the public. We embrace cross-domain collaboration, and we strive to create value by surfacing and implementing on those opportunities for the betterment of our community.

36 members


Shuonan Chen

Julia Bossmann

Charles Cushing

Megan Anne Doepker

Daniela Fernandez

Harry Goldberg

Amy Gragnolati

Ivan Hartanto

Preston Kilgore

Kasley Killam

Will Kraft

Nathaniel Krasnoff

Randy Lubin

Glafira "Glasha" Marcon

Benjamin Maurice

Cara Nolan

Irina Pesterean

Lauren Pfeifer

Nicholas Robert Platoff

Isabelle Monique Plessis

Kathy Qian

Abi Ramanan

Mariel Reed

Maricel Saenz

Samantha Stein

Bianca St Louis

Shaina Tantuico

Jenny Tchinnosian

Joseph Vasquez

Tiffany Yu

Jochai Ben-Avie

Eric Boucher

Leslie Chen

Yvonne Tang Leow

Arushi Saxena

Raphaël Tshitoko

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