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The San Francisco Hub is a group of 40 technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, scientists, engineers, tinkerers, dreamers, and global citizens. We see a special value in bringing young leaders from different backgrounds areas of expertise together. As a Hub, we have raised money for non profits, helped empower the homeless with digital access to information, provided professional skills training to underrepresented youth, and more. We also run a monthly ShaperTalk series that brings leaders who have shaped their industries to address Shapers and the public. We embrace cross-domain collaboration, and we strive to create value by surfacing and implementing on those opportunities for the betterment of our community.

25 members

Ahsan Ansari

Joined 30 Oct 2021

Eric Boucher

Joined 8 Nov 2019

Jacob Brown

Joined 15 May 2019

Shuonan Chen

Joined 17 May 2018

Lucy Chen

Joined 7 Nov 2022

Curtis Clawson

Joined 20 Sep 2022

Impact Officer

Ayo Ellis

Joined 29 May 2021

Henna Hundal

Joined 11 Aug 2020

Maria Khmel

Joined 15 Jan 2021

Preston Kilgore

Joined 21 Jul 2017


Will Kraft

Joined 20 Oct 2019

Heruka Kumararatne

Joined 25 Apr 2016

Bianca Lee

Joined 23 Sep 2022

Daniel Liss

Joined 30 Sep 2022

Krupa Patel

Joined 4 Feb 2020

Nicholas Robert Platoff

Joined 17 May 2018


Rachel Poonsiriwong

Joined 29 Sep 2021

Kathy Qian

Joined 3 May 2018

Christian Rhally

Joined 19 Aug 2019

Maricel Saenz

Joined 29 Oct 2019

Miray Salman

Joined 17 Dec 2019

Shivi Sharma

Joined 5 Jun 2019

Marcel Tan

Joined 7 Oct 2022

Raphaël Tshitoko

Joined 20 Oct 2019

Daniel Jiahe Yang

Joined 20 Sep 2021

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