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The San Francisco Hub is a group of 40 technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, scientists, engineers, tinkerers, dreamers, and global citizens. We see a special value in bringing young leaders from different backgrounds areas of expertise together. As a Hub, we have raised money for non profits, helped empower the homeless with digital access to information, provided professional skills training to underrepresented youth, and more. We also run a monthly ShaperTalk series that brings leaders who have shaped their industries to address Shapers and the public. We embrace cross-domain collaboration, and we strive to create value by surfacing and implementing on those opportunities for the betterment of our community.

44 members


Charles Cushing


@ Galleon Logistics

Javier Aguera

VP of Strategic Alliances

@ Snips

Julia Bossmann

Director, Strategy

@ Fathom Computing

Megan Anne Doepker

Marketing Consultant

Margot Edelman


@ Edelman

Daniela Fernandez

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Roger Huang

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ ThoughtBasin

Louise Ireland

Early stage investor

Neil Joglekar


@ Redwall Advisors

Kasley Killam

Program Manager

Nathaniel Krasnoff


@ Wildcat Venture Partner

Jerica Lee

Social Impact Consultant

@ Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc

Glafira "Glasha" Marcon


@ Optum, UnitedHealth Group

Michael Mayernick


@ Spinnakr

Karen Mok

Head, International Operations

@ Stripe

Milena Montesinos Herranz

Global Programme Manager

@ Uber Technologies

Irina Pesterean

Corporate Innovation Manager

Lauren Pfeifer


Isabelle Monique Plessis

Product Manager - Digital Policy & Privacy

Mariel Reed

Innovation Strategist

@ San Francisco Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation

Tasha Russman

Manager, Talent and Insight

@ The Difference Group

John Shutt


Samantha Stein

Editor, Global Startup Battlefield; Director, Special Projects

@ TechCrunch

Meghan Stevenson-Krausz


@ Project Binario

Joseph Vasquez


Lana Volftsun


Tiffany Yu


@ Diversability

Reem Yusuf

Specialist, Energy

@ The World Bank

Jochai Amit BenAvie

Senior Global Policy Manager

Debbie Chang

Senior Product Manager

Leslie Chen

Head of Acquisition, International Growth

Shuonan Chen

General Partner

Tracy Chou

Software Engineer

@ Pinterest

Caterina Falleni

Design Strategist

@ Awake

Jacob Helberg

Founder & CEO

Yvonne Tang Leow


Randy Lubin

Consulting Entrepreneur

Matthew Marshall

Co-Founder (Product) at New Story

Samantha O'Keefe


Nicholas Robert Platoff

Associate Principal Trombone

Arushi Saxena

Business Operations

Daniella Segal

Strategic Alliances Manager

Bianca St Louis


Founding Curator

Elizabeth Maw

Executive Director

@ Net Impact

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